Few of our Projects

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods):

  • Type: Consulting, Turnkey, BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

  • Description: Our involvement in the FMCG industry has encompassed consultancy services, turnkey project execution, and the successful implementation of the build-operate-transfer model. We've played a vital role in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity for our clients in this fast-paced sector.

man in blue jacket wearing blue mask
man in blue jacket wearing blue mask


  • Type: Consulting, Funding, Facility Setup (Plant, Machineries, Building, HR)

  • Description: Within the pharmaceutical domain, our comprehensive services include consulting, facilitating funding, and the complete setup of pharmaceutical facilities. This entails the construction of plants, acquisition of machinery, buildings, and the recruitment of human resources, all contributing to the growth of our clients in this vital industry.

industrial power plant skyline
industrial power plant skyline

Hydrogen Gas Plant

  • Type: Consulting, Approvals, Plant Development (Ongoing)

  • Description: Our ongoing work in the establishment of a hydrogen gas plant involves obtaining necessary approvals, regulatory compliance, and the planning and development of the plant infrastructure. This project is a testament to our capabilities in emerging and environmentally significant fields.

Sugar and Ethanol:

  • Type: Project Consulting, Plant and Machineries, Built, Operations

  • Description: In the sugar and ethanol sector, our consulting services have supported clients in optimizing their processes and ensuring sustainable and efficient production.